Why 8 perfect pieces?


1. Simplicity

Because life doesn't have to be complicated. Embrace the ease and freedom that comes from living with beautiful simplicity. 

Body-flattering fits, timeless designs and a little everyday luxe. 

Inu8 is all you need.

Read more about our approach to simplicity.

2. Connection

8 pieces comes together effortlessly to support and honour you, your unique story, your journey as a woman, and the connections that are important to you in your active life … including the most important one, the connection you have with your self.

Read more about what it means to embrace connection.

3. Sustainability

Our focus is on creating fewer, high quality pieces, sourcing recycled and organic materials and partnering with ethical suppliers.

We look to preserve the simple beauty of our natural world and tread lightly. 

Read more about our approach to sustainability

The number 8 symbolises a constant flow of energy, inner balance and wisdom, qualities that are inherent in our Inu8 collection of 8 perfect pieces.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the ability to create, nurture, and transform.”  - Diane Mariechild.