Our Approach

We are obsessed with fabrics, in particular the way they feel! 

We believe the quality and performance of the fabric makes for a superior fit, supreme functionality and comfort, and ensures the longevity of every garment.  

Testing, testing and yet more testing has led us to find the stable of technically advanced fabrics selected for the Inu8 capsule collection. 

Hand-in-hand with premium quality and performance, is our intention to always tread lightly. 

Our Materials

Ecoluxe - our signature fabric, used to craft the Inu8 essentials. 

Ecoluxe is 70% REPREVE® premium recycled nylon, 30% spandex interlock. REPREVE® yarn is a certifiable, traceable, and high-performance yarn made from recycled post consumer waste. When mixed with spandex, this high-impact, 4-way stretch fabric, offers moisture-wicking and quick dry benefits meaning you will not feel wet and weighed down. The fabric is opaque to ensure coverage however is lightweight for freedom of movement. 

Ecoluxe is designed for durability with pill resistance and memory recovery to ensure it holds its shape. Inherent anti-bacterial and anti-odour qualities allow for extended wear. 

Ecoluxe feels silky smooth against the skin and offers broad UV protection. 

Coolmax ®

Our Long Sleeve is constructed from 45% Coolmax®, 46% Polyester and 9% elastane single stretch jersey - a silky smooth and soft technical fabric. The polyester content in this fabric ensures durability and longevity. The catatonic nature of the fabric provides a natural hand feel, a high level of elasticity and inherent hygienic properties. We use only OEKO-TEX certified dyes.  

The fabric is lightweight and highly breathable. Coolmax® is a specially engineered type of polyester consisting of fibres that are carefully engineered to wick moisture away from the skin and allow the passage of heat. We are working with our mill to move toward the use of Coolmax® EcoMade which will allow us to transition to fibres made with 97% recycled substances.  

Our Long Sleeve fabric offers technical benefits including moisture-wicking, thermo-regulating, quick dry and UV protection. 

100% Recycled Polyester 

A number of Inu8 pieces incorporate recycled polyester; these include lining fabrics and trims such as the pocket lining for our down vest. Recycled polyester is derived from recycled plastic bottles and is useful as a fabric in our performance activewear as it offers many technical characteristics including durability and comfort.  

100% Recycled Nylon 

We use recycled nylon in different forms extensively across our range including in our power mesh and linings. We believe nylon offers inherent features such as advanced breathability and naturally occurring anti-bacterial benefits.  

In addition, we use 100% recycled nylon in our shell fabric for our down vest. This fabric is exceptionally lightweight, durable, down proof and water-repellent providing a highly functional fabric to ensure superior comfort and warmth. We use only OEKO-TEX certified dyes. 

Responsibly Sourced Down (RDS) 

We use 100% RDS goose down (85%) and feather for our 700 fill-power down vest. Our down is sourced in accordance with the Responsible Down Standard 3.0, which is a global standard certifying that down and feathers are from certified farms, operating in compliance with the principles and criteria of animal welfare. 

As technology advances, we are working to also introduce recycled down into our down program reclaiming down from cushions and bedding that cannot be resold and avoiding landfill. 

100% recycled polyester with silver printed PU membrane 

The outer shell of the Inu8 Jacket is constructed from 100% recycled polyester with silver printed PU membrane which is highly breathable. The breathability of a jacket membrane is what indicates how well the jacket deals with moisture transfer. Our technical 2.5 layer fabric has a 20/20K membrane rating which will deliver a great level of breathability for active use.  

The silver print on the membrane will prevent the inside of the jacket sticking to the skin during use. Our fabric is exceptionally lightweight, soft to touch and offers superior comfort against the skin. The nature of fabric ensures the jacket is quiet to wear and can be folded into the hood maintaining its integrity. We use only OEKO-TEX certified dyes.  

Durable water repellent (C0 DWR)

Our jacket fabric has been treated with a durable water repellent (C0 DWR) coating to assist with waterproofing our jacket, helping water to bead and roll off the outer fabric. The technology, known as C0 DWR, eliminates the persistent toxins associated with the long-chain carbon chemistry of C8 or C6 DWR, which has been the industry standard. C0 is not yet ideal, and we continue to work with our suppliers to identify more sustainable alternatives in providing equal results for our technical jacket. 


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