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Inu8 is an Australian brand, established in 2022. 

We offer the ultimate wellness capsule collection that transcends trends of time and season to support women on their wellness journey. Our exclusive Welleisure™ wardrobe is the first of its kind and combines a timeless perspective with a subtle elegance, offering a holistic and balanced approach.

Each garment is designed to enhance your wellness experience, with figure slimming designs, technical construction and soft, luxurious, eco fabrics.

We believe that wellness begins within and is holistic in nature. To be well is to nurture the connection we have with ourselves, others and the world around us.

Inu pronounced ‘‘in-you” is a reminder that everything you need is within.

The number 8 symbolises wisdom and power, with the infinity symbol embodying interconnectedness - an unending tapestry that represents the cycle of life and the beauty of balance and harmony.