Treading lightly

What does treading lightly on the earth mean to you?  

Our connection with the earth and respect for the land means that sustainability is at the core of everything we do.  

We are a part of nature, just as the plants and trees are.

In a fast paced, urbanised world, more and more reliant on technology, we can easily forget and find ourselves in a state of nature deficit, disconnected from the wellbeing benefits that nature so generously offers us, and disconnected from a desire to protect and nurture the environment that sustains us.

Our approach to treading lightly prioritises:

1. Timeless Designs

We believe in making fewer, high-quality items – to help you buy less and choose well. 

We have a deep commitment to timeless design, always striving to create the best possible version of each product, to ensure you will use and love every item for years to come. 

We choose quality not quantity, releasing only limited collections each year – giving us and our production partners the time to thoughtfully design and carefully craft each essential. 

2. Materials 

We endeavour to use recycled and natural materials wherever possible.  

Our signature fabric used to craft The essentials is Ecoluxe, comprised of 70% Repreve ® recycled nylon, traceable, trusted and certified. Repreve ® uses high quality recycled materials, diverting waste from landfill, reducing ocean pollution and conserving natural resources.  

We use the highest quality Polymark™ high-reflective eco-print logo and sustainably sourced trims. 

Our natural materials are harvested ethically whilst honouring animal welfare, nature's rhythms and land conservation initiatives.  

We ensure that our packaging is kind on the environment and is either reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable. We parter with #Ecofab and Hero Packaging.

3. Respectful Partners 

The foundation of Inu is respectful and genuine relationships. Our suppliers are our partners. When we find the right ones, we commit for the long-term – working together to continuously become more responsible. 

Our partners are all committed to ethical work practices – providing fair wages, good working conditions, and stable jobs to their communities. All are transparent about their work practices and commitments to sustainability. 

We will make all efforts to regularly visit all manufacturing facilities to conduct a compliance review and stay connected with our partners. 

We care deeply about the people who build our products, and the ethical supply chain that our customers trust. 

4. Environmental Protection

By partnering with i=Change to support Greening Australia we work together to protect Australia's diverse landscapes and biodiversity. Greening Australia is an independent environmental enterprise, with a belief that people thrive when nature thrives. We couldn't agree more.

Our commitment to you, to ourselves, to our makers and to the planet, is that we will always look for ways to move forward in a sustainable manner.  

Treading lightly is our responsibility.