Beauty in Simplicity


Inu8 is a collection of 8 activewear staples that allow you to move through your day with ease, comfort and style … You will need less to experience more.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci  

The concept of simplicity and living with less - also known as minimalism - is a concept that can be applied to decorating, architecture, art and fashion. It is inherently sustainable, and we believe should be applied to all aspects of modern sustainable living.  

Simplicity is about appreciating the small things in life, it is a reminder that we can so easily overcomplicate our lives and overlook the truly beautiful, simple ways of being. Embracing simplicity allows us to focus on what really matters, awakening the joy that comes from needing less, wasting less, and stressing less.   

We have worked through the complexity of design to offer versatile staple pieces that are supreme in quality and fit, created ethically and sustainably with recycled and organic fabrics. 

Think about it as a collection of pieces you can grab and go, feeling confident you have everything you need, from a pair of must have tights to a luxe cashmere throw for an evening walk or post yoga session. 

Simplicity doesn’t end with each garment. An essential component of a modern sustainable home is less packaging. Our packaging respects the planet. Our packaging will be re-usable where possible, recyclable and bio-degradable.  

Finding beauty in simplicity is our number one guiding principle.  

Simply put, less really is more.  

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Pic credits : John Doyle