Why a Cashmere piece in our 'all you need' activewear collection?
Simply because our approach is a holistic one. 
Consider our signature Cashmere wrap the yin element of your activewear wardrobe, an heirloom piece that honours your femininity, brings balance to your active lifestyle and invites you to create moments of presence and rejuvenation. 
Each garment, 100% natural and organic, has a unique provenance and a carefully curated story of luxury and quiet elegance. 



The free-flowing elements of the waterfall design allow each piece to be styled in a way that is unique to you, supporting your active life. Inspired by natural tones, it is the perfect partnering piece, endlessly versatile as it compliments the base layers in our Inu8 collection effortlessly. 
As women designing an ‘all you need’ activewear wardrobe for women, we embrace gentleness as well as strength. 
Our approach is pure and uncomplicated. Shop our signature Cashmere Wrap.