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Friends, Karen Pethard and Cassandra Carey launched Inu8 at a time when many women were feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and in search of something 'more'. 

They felt that many activewear brands were focused on the needs of younger generations and found themselves passionate about creating a more holistic approach, one that pays homage to the environment and wise women everywhere.  

Cassandra Carey and Karen Pethard are both passionate about holistic wellness and are united in their approach to supporting women wherever they are on their wellness journey.

Cassandra, a corporate lawyer-turned high performance sportswear designer focuses on the 'body' with her experience in technical apparel construction, whilst Karen, a former marketer-turned botanical essences purveyor brings the 'soul'.

Together, they share the belief that true wellness, including a sustainable approach, is a lifestyle to embrace, not simply a trend.