What it means to embrace connection

At Inu, we embrace and encourage meaningful connections of the heart – connection with self, with others, with nature and the world around us. Feeling a sense of connectedness awakens the calm, peace and joy that exists within.  

Our goal is to create quality, thoughtful garments that honour you, your unique story, your journey as a woman, and the connections that are important to you in your active life.  

To be connected to self is to live from the inside out, drawing on the energy that exists within, making choices that support and express your uniqueness.  

Inu [in-you] is a reminder to us all, that all we need is within.  

We resonate with the premise that women naturally gravitate to things that make them feel good, that bring ease and balance to a busy lifestyle. When we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to form healthy and fulfilling relationships with those around us. When we connect with the people around us in kind, loving and helpful ways, we are more likely to be kind, loving and helpful toward ourselves.  

Feeling warmth in our hearts opens us to the beauty of the world around us and the people in it.   

As co-founders we feel a deep sense of connection and purpose working together, our goal is to have fun along the way working with wonderful people to deliver beautiful garments to our community.  

Now more than ever we value togetherness and look forward to creating a community of like-minded women, open to opportunities for meaningful conversation, and joy filled experiences.  

One of the things we love to do is to get out into nature – it’s a reminder of our connection to source energy. Getting up to greet the sun warms our heart and soul, it sparks joy and a natural desire to participate in the aliveness of the new day.