Inu8 is committed to building long-term relationships with valued suppliers, makers and workers to help support the localised economy in areas they work and live. Whilst we are currently unable to manufacture in Australia (as much as we would love to) due to the technical nature of our garments, we work with an Australian manufacturing service with direct access to transparent, sustainable and ethical manufacturing and supply chains. 

We work with a small, ethical factory in one of the smaller garment cities in China. Our team has personally visited the factory and can attest to the ethical accreditations and workplace assessments. The work place is positive and the work culture is focussed on ethical and sustainable practices. 

We have direct communications with our production partners and work together as team. 




To craft our signature Cashmere Wrap we have partnered with a family run maker located in Inner Mongolia dedicated to creating a conscious platform that supports animal welfare, along with local grassland conservation initiatives. A holistic approach ensures that overgrazing is avoided and the health of the grasslands is protected, therefore, protecting the livelihoods of the traditional herders, spinners and makers. 



Cashmere is one of the finest natural materials and our philosophy is to engage the lightest touch. To this end we do not dye cashmere fibres and honour what nature has created so beautifully. 

Cashmere fibres are produced by goats in relatively small quantities, when compared to the fibre yield of animals like sheep. The fine nature of the fibres make cashmere incredibly soft and luxurious, but also very long-wearing and warm for its considerably light weight. 

There is complete transparency at every level of the supply chain from the farming process and combing to spinning, knitting and weaving. Each batch of raw cashmere fibres is tested for purity on a DNA molecular level. 

To extract the fibres used to create cashmere for our wraps, this moulted fur is collected by hand, and the fine undercoat is separated out for use and spun into sumptuously soft yarn. 

Local spinners and knitters work together to develop innovative methods for achieving quality that is tested and supported by leading textile institutes. This attention to detail ensures the delicate cashmere fibres maintain their softness and natural beauty, and improve with age when cared for.

We work together with our partners to bring you beautiful garments that are made ethically and sustainably, that may be treasured for many years to come.

Each of our partners is transparent when it comes to publishing Industry Certifications.

Being a member of the Australian Fashion Council - the peak body for the Australian fashion and textile industry, we are proud to be a part of the transformation of the industry to a socially, environmentally and economically prosperous circular economy by 2030.

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