5 things we are reading, watching and listening to ...
We'd love to share with you our current ‘5 things’ list … 
1. Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown : In her latest book, Brené Brown explores the language and grounded confidence required to tell our stories and to be the stewards of the stories that we hear. She believes this provides the framework to find the way back to ourselves and one another. 
2. Back to Nature on ABC iview : A journey through the Australian landscape and the unique stories of the land. You can't help but feel a deep connection with nature in each of the 8 episodes in the series.
3. The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast : we are going to share our current top three interviews here because it's not possible to stop at one! 
- Jane McGonigal, Futurist .. on becoming the expert of your own future. This is a fascinating deep dive into the world of a futurist and will have your mind creating endless possibilities to explore.
- Margaret Atwood, Author and so much more, discusses creative process, resisting labels, Burning Questions and Practical Utopias. 
- Hugh Jackman, on being Hugh! This is an all time favourite. There is so much wisdom and joy to experience in this episode.
4. Soma Meditation by the Soma team : A daily gratitude meditation using the breath to activate energy, vitality and clarity. A daily go-to! 
5. About Time on Netflix : This is not a new release film, just fun and lighthearted, beautifully simple and wise. A story of love and life with a hint of sci-fi/fantasy. Don't let the sci-fi put you off, it is quintessentially English and charming.
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