Adventure and connection on the Larapinta Trail


A journey of the heart 


We felt the distinct call of the red centre when we received an invitation from the @her_trails team to join what they described as a Culture Retreat . . an immersive adventure and cultural experience in the heart of Australia. It was an invitation to create space to be, to engage in the physicality of the Larapinta Trail, and to connect with sacred indigenous culture and ancient landscapes. 




Two places had become available with a lead time of just three weeks. With a little guidance from the divine we knew we were all in. We were two out of twelve women who had accepted the same call. To be perfectly honest, it will take some time for us to fully absorb and assimilate the expansiveness of our experience and put words to some of the emotions. And perhaps that is the point, there are some things that can only be understood and felt by the heart. 

Our adventure was consciously curated into three chapters.  

The first chapter allowed us to connect with the tranquillity and vastness of the outback on the spectacular Ooramina Station. Our breath was taken away as we experienced our first red centre sunset . . . and our hearts opened. The energy of the land felt wild and free. Most of the women on the group had never met but it didn’t take long to experience soul connections . .  every woman showed up authentically and embodied genuine care and kindness. We shared stories, wisdom, laughter and tears.











The second chapter involved immersing ourselves on country and traversing the Larapinta Trail. To be present on this ancient land was something to behold. We were physically and emotionally moved by the sheer beauty of the land and the spirit of the world’s oldest surviving culture. Razorback outcrops, rocky ridge lines, vast plains, canyons and chasms made for glorious scenic gifts. On our last day we woke in the wee hours of the morning for the ultimate sunrise hike, to the summit of Mount Sonder.





The third chapter created space for reflection. We felt nurtured and deeply connected on so many levels, enlivened with a sense of joy and purpose. A serene hot air balloon flight allowed us to take a birds eye view of the vast landscape we had experienced. We wondered how the landing would be felt, both physically and metaphorically! 



Connection is one word we've used to describe our experience. And if you’ve been following us for a little while now, you’ll know that connection is one of our core values. Connection for us is a feeling. Being in the heart of Australia definitely cracked our hearts open and invited us to truly feel our feelings. 




Was it the ancient land that invited us to feel a true sense of connection? Was it the spirit of indigenous ancestors, or the wisdom and support of the women we shared the experience with? Was it the act of showing up authentically and being ourselves, letting go and being open to stepping into the unknown? …  it was all of these things and more, a myriad of emotions that enlivened and enriched our spirits.  

Our hearts are full and our gratitude overflowing. Our respect for, and appreciation of indigenous culture has deepened as well as our respect for the land that sustains us. We are in awe of the magic that is created when women come together and feel free to be . . .  

We'll continue to share our magic moments on socials. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

Much love,

Cas and Kaz 


Huge gratitude @lizbarnesphoto for this stunning imagery and @her_trails for an unforgettable experience, for your open hearts and arms.  

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