Moving forward with a little more zen


We like to think of our Cashmere wrap as the Yin element of your activewear wardrobe, an heirloom piece that honours your femininity, brings balance to an active lifestyle and invites moments of stillness and rejuvenation. 

When we balance our Yin and Yang life force energies, we invite a way of being. The philosophical principle of Yin and Yang evolved into the idea that all things in the universe exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. 

If your life is demanding and you don’t have a moment to spare in your day, if you have a constant need for stimulation and find it difficult to relax and let go, it may be time to infuse a little more Yin energy into your life. When energies are out of balance, disharmony shows up in our emotions, in our health, relationships, finances, career or as a general feeling of discontent … you know the feeling.  

When we live in our Yin, we tap into our inner peace and wisdom. We use our imagination and intuition. If we live too much in our yin, we can become overly introverted, unmotivated and frustrated by inaction.  

When we live in our Yang, we are in the doing mode. We are ambitious and courageous and get things done with excitement and logic. If we live too much in our Yang we can experience impatience, frustration and the inability to relax.  

Not everyone is Yang dominant, but in our Western society there is a tendency to over glorify the doing element which can easily lead to feeling depleted and on edge. Wherever you are, just notice and accept where you are at.  

If you feel the need to invite more Yin energy into your life, join us in our favourite ways to move forward with a little more zen … and wrap yourself in luxe cashmere as a reminder to slow down and tune in to your inner peace.  

1. Reflect and be still

A short 10-minute meditation will leave you feeling calmer and clearer, and depending upon the type of meditation, a little more invigorated.  

If you prefer a guided meditation, follow The Possibility Project on Insta, where our friends Kim and Kath record a short, weekly meditation on Tuesday mornings. 

Writing daily pages – 3 pages of longhand stream of consciousness writing. This type of journaling practice is a ritualistic writing process that clears your mind, invites you to listen to your intuition, and creates a path for greater creativity.




2. Practice Yin yoga 

We love our local yoga studios

Kula Body  

Modern Movement 

There are many offerings on-line that allow you to be with the practice in the comfort of your home. 

Gently holding stretches or asanas raise your energy vibration and balance your mind and emotions.  



3. Get out into nature

Take a walk and just allow yourself to be in the moment instead of checking your phone every 5 minutes. When you take a walk without distraction you will naturally find yourself feeling calmer and more connected to the world around you. 


And if you can’t get out into nature, take a virtual forest bath by listening to our Spotify Playlist No. 4

4. Consciously engage in slow

Choose to walk or ride a bike instead of taking the car if you can.  

Start a gratitude journal. 

Book a massage.  

Tend to a garden or veggie patch.  



5. Avoid the rush

From personal experience this one can be a challenge! Perhaps reconsider how many things you have planned for the day and be more realistic about what is achievable, so you are not rushing like a mad person between commitments.  

Simplify as a way of gaining more focus.  

6. Pay attention to your breath

Get into the practice of bringing attention to your breath, especially in the face of difficulties. Energy flows where attention goes. Take a few deep breaths in and out, counting to 5 on the inhale and counting backwards from 5 on the exhale. Balance is always there for you when you remember to breathe. 

7. Just be

Instead of getting upset and triggered by the little things – everything that hasn’t been done, the mess that hasn’t been cleaned, the tasks that are still left to do, let it go for a moment.  

Consciously take a deep breath in and out and return to it with a clearer mind. Perhaps even take the challenge of finding 5 minutes to rest during your day.  

8. Wind down in the evening

Unplug from devices well before it’s time to go to bed. 

Listen our Spotify Playlist No. 2 Rest playing as an auditory cue that it’s time to unwind. 

Enjoy a calming herbal tea.  

Spray a natural, botanical sleep mist to unwind and relax, allowing scent to calm your nervous system.  

Dim the lights in the lead up to sleep.  

Enjoy a couple of minutes of deep breathing to consciously let go of unnecessary thoughts and invite the feeling of relaxation into your body.  

Most importantly, enjoy the process of inviting more yin into your life!  




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