Behind the brand - a little about our founders
As we start our journey together we'd love to share a little about us.  
After spending the first 25 years of her career as a lawyer, Cas developed her skills in product design and development and worked to successfully launch a range of high-performance sports apparel. Whilst the onset of the pandemic brought an early conclusion to her most recent endeavour, she was left with a sense that she had been preparing for what was yet to come.  
“Inspired by the concept of the capsule wardrobe, I wanted to create a discreet collection of garments that would provide women with all they need for a balanced active life.”  
Cas lives an active lifestyle and is passionate about health and wellness and the mind-body connection.  
“For me, I want a garment to fit well, perform well, feel indulgent and flattering, and be timeless and elegant. There are many activewear labels in the market, but no brand offered an effortless way of buying exactly what I needed to create an activewear wardrobe designed for me.” 
As the concept developed, Cas felt connected to something bigger, a desire to share the journey, and to create a community of like-minded women. It was at this time, Kaz, a friend and comrade in many adventures, partnered with Cas to create Inu.  
Prior to embarking on the journey with Inu, Kaz spent the last 10 years exploring the world of energetic and spiritual healing, working with botanical essences, and facilitating wellbeing workshops with women. Earlier in her career she worked in the world of branding and marketing for global FMCG companies.  
She has a passion for holistic health and wellness and is inspired to maintain daily practices that balance and energise the mind, body and soul.  
“Being in nature grounds and inspires me. I am in awe of the beauty and harmony that exists in the natural world.” 
In an activewear space that tends to idealise the female form, Kaz is inspired to work collaboratively to create a new approach that honours the modern woman and her unique way of exploring what it means to be active.