More than activewear by stylist, Kristin Todd

"That blissful hour of peace and solitude, alone with my thoughts in nature, I'm charged with inspiration! Body is feeling good, I can feel my muscles strengthening from the exercise, and I've discovered my circle of happiness. With the fresh air in my lungs, I have complete clarity, my juggling act has found it's balance and I'm experiencing a beautiful connection to the landscape surrounding me and a deep appreciation. I'm grateful. My worries have fallen away. I'm free.

I'm a recharged woman, rejuvenated even. Ready to take on the world again. Tomorrow? ...repeat!"

I draw my energy from nature and the fresh air the outside environment offers us. I default to a long walk when I'm stressed, or overloaded, to find that calming harmony and I always arrive home reassured. I'll  gravitate to the wild with my children to sooth their intensity, and as a whole family we find it healing. Ensuring you make space to keep your body and your mind in a healthy place, isn't a luxury, it is your gold.

Women seek out a perfect balance, we are all striving for it, we need to be across and in control of so many things in our day. Yet, the day is short, and time is so precious, it slips through our fingers quickly, encouraging us to be selective and careful in allocating it. Our priorities should see us dedicating some time to our well-being ritual, to help us to neatly place everything into perspective, just for an hour a day, just to re-fuel.

That relationship you have with yourself is your most important one to nurture. How you see your self, how you care for yourself, how you present yourself, and how you rejuvenate yourself, these things shouldn't be last on the list! 

Self nurturing needn't begin the moment you head off into the horizon, you can set a positive tone for the whole day by using your outfit as the vessel and beginning the day in your activewear sets you up for a highly motivated, box ticking readiness. Productivity can flow freely from beginning to end. I believe activewear assists women to move through their day with ease and uninhibited freedom. We realise the great importance of being well equipped to “get things done”.

The direct connection between what you wear, and how it motivates you, subsequently translating to how you feel, is felt and understood, and we all enjoy longer in our activewear these days. The psychological magic stemming from dressing the part is ever powerful.

What kind of activewear should you be looking for?

These items need to do so much for us. I've been wear-testing activewear for years now and it's landed me in the perfect position to build solid criteria for the selection process. I have a multitude of sentiments I would like to share.

Here are my 6 activewear non-negotiable's:

1. Fit and support

We are so exposed in our activewear, and we rely on it to be more flattering than other categories. Every woman has areas of her body which require more support.  I look  for a fit that understands my individual needs, imploring clever cuts which celebrate my curves, not expose my modesties or force me into a shape I'm simply not. I like activewear to follow my natural lines, not suck onto them, or sag over them. I have specific criteria post babies, I need extra support around my midsection and I need to be smoothed and firmed. I like longer lines and I will always look to a brand who understand  and specifically design for women, with respectful consideration of my body's ever-changing journey.

Invest in good fit, and the pieces which offer the support where you need it most.

2. Quality and Fabric

I won't compromise on quality. Near enough isn't good enough. The make of a garment needs to be strong to allow for high impact movement. I'm searching for a superior quality fabric with a luxurious hand-feel. My activewear needs to move with me, bounce back, support me, wash well, wear well and as a result, I won't buy quality compromised garments, even if they look good.

Don't settle for second best. 

3, Beauty

I've never met a women who isn't interested in looking beautiful. Your activewear should be head-spinningly gorgeous.

Women are attracted to aesthetically pleasing things. When you surround yourself with beautiful things and you wear them, you will feel your most beautiful. When you begin your day looking your best, the positive flow-on effect to your overall happiness is significant.

When a special piece catches your eye, try it! 

4. Elegance

It is important to me to be elegant. There's a certain juxtaposition between strength and gentleness, where you can find strong and powerful designs, which, at the same time allude to a softer gentleness. To me, that is elegance. Strong, with a hint of gentle.

Longer leaner lines can simply create elegance.

5. Simplicity

Life is overcomplicated, let's not allow this notion into your wardrobe. Instead, fill your outfitting space with easy, comfortable, practical, stylish pieces, which all work together to assist you with ease in outfitting.

Look towards the simpleness of pure, well designed pieces with superior quality, it will guide you well.

6. Sustainability and Connection

I encourage you to also look beyond the design lines, and support brands who actively have a voice promoting care for the environment, the precious source that gives so much to us. It's important to me, the brands I support value sustainability and have a long-term vision for preserving our future.

It's your choice who you partner with but I would encourage you to choose brands who support and encourage your relationship to the natural environment and shares your connection with it, only then can they be genuine about caring for it.

As women who work, mother, create, adventure, laugh, cry, solve, love and care, the overarching message for your active wardrobe is to harness comfortable, practical, stylish pieces, with good design, quality and fit, with the lightest touch on our environment. Build an activewear wardrobe that is perfect just for you, to assist in nurturing the relationship you have with yourself, whilst supporting all of your active adventures! 

Connect with Kristin, Inu8 Stylist and Founder of Style Sessions here.