Why we would rather engage in contribution than sales frenzies

To our valued, new (and growing) community, 

Below is a quick message to share our approach to going on sale and why we have recently partnered with i=Change to engage our customers in contribution instead. 
We choose not to involve ourselves in the frenzy of sales and participate in the discounting cycle as the concept simply does not align with our ethos of considered consumption. 
One of our core values is simplicity, it is a value that invites you to experience more ease and flow with less. Our #allyouneed collection offers a simple, yet elegant way of creating a functional base activewear wardrobe untouched by the influence of trends and inevitability of time. 
Sustainability is another one of our core values, and for us means being authentic and transparent. We select ethical partners and choose to work with only the highest quality recycled and naturally sustainable materials. We create the highest quality pieces that you can wear season on season. We believe this longevity reflects in the price per wear. Our desire is to offer a fair exchange whether that be with our suppliers or with our customers.
We currently produce small production runs with no desire to manufacture excess, minimising our environmental footprint.
Connection is our third core value and in the sense of feeling connected within, we believe that you should only purchase something you really, truly love and not be influenced by price alone. We think it is frustrating when you do make a purchase and then see it on sale shortly after. We don't want to create this type of energy within our community.
Our preference is to engage our customers in contribution. We have partnered with i=Change to support 3 NGO projects that align with our core values, and for every sale our customers get to choose where a small donation goes. 
We care about the wellbeing of our planet and its people and by partnering with i=Change we can contribute meaningfully to the world in which we live. You are invited to join us in tracking our impact with 100% transparency.
We do offer a small discount as a thank you for trusting us and investing in your first Inu8 piece/s and, on occasion we will offer a similar discount to collaborators of our brand.
Thank you for your support and your considered approach to consumption. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you.


With love and gratitude, 

Cas and Kaz