6 benefits of choosing a capsule wellness wardrobe


If you are new to the concept of a capsule wardrobe and more specifically, a wardrobe that supports your wellness journey, get ready to be astounded at the positive flow on effects. 

If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed and are ready to simplify your life, this is your invitation to live with more ease and flow.

The Inu8 collection of 8 pieces work together to be #allyouneed to move effortlessly from studio to street, to weekend or retreat getaway. Each piece has earned its place as a wardrobe staple and together, the collection offers a balanced approach, one that is born of functionality and is elevated by luxury. 

Each piece upholds the ethos of transcending trends of time and season and is crafted thoughtfully and sustainably with a focus on supreme fit and feel.

If you are already sold ... you can explore the Inu8 wellness wardrobe here. Read on for the benefits you can expect from choosing a discreet capsule collection.  




1. Save Time 

You won’t spend hours in stores or online when you have the staple pieces that work for you. 

Capsules use a defined colour palette to reduce decision fatigue and overwhelm which means you'll save time and energy getting ready for your day.

When it comes time to replace your pieces you will be able to do so effortlessly as our styles are not driven by the latest fashion. 

2. Save money

A capsule wardrobe uses fewer, better quality pieces, so there’s less to buy overall. 

Sticking to your capsule plan keeps you from buying pieces you’ll only wear once or twice–or not at all. 

“Capsules are my guide to shopping with a purpose and not buying things that I thought might work or are fashionable one day and dated the next.” - Kate

3. Do more with less

You generally don’t need more activewear, you need the right pieces, that work for you - every single time. 

The Inu8 wellness wardrobe starts with the essentials and adds layering pieces - a balanced approach born of functionality and elevated by luxury.  

“A well organised capsule collection means my activewear drawer is not overflowing with things I never wear.” - Tina

4. Extra confidence

We can feel our most vulnerable in activewear so it makes sense to select pieces that make us look and feel good.   

Think luxe fabrics that sculpt and smooth, clever designs that flatter, and fit perfectly.

You will feel empowered to embrace your wellness routine.








5. Good for the planet

On average, we wear only 20% of what we own! Australians buy almost 15kg of clothing a year, most of which ends up in landfill. 

Because capsule wardrobes are made up only of pieces you love, you’ll wear more of what you have, and you’ll want to look after your pieces for longer.  

When we buy less, we buy better. Our pieces are crafted sustainably using the latest in recycled fabrics and naturally sustainable materials. 

6. Focus on what really matters

When everyday dressing becomes effortless, you'll have time and energy for the things in life that really matter. Embrace a sense of clarity and a feeling of mental spaciousness.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and you will feel inspired to simplify other areas of your life too!



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