Amatara x Inu8


We are delighted to announce our partnership with Amatara Welleisure™ Resort in Phuket, Thailand! 

Overlooking the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea you will find Amatara - a leading, luxury wellness destination. Wellness is at the core, however there is an understanding that life is to be lived, and if part of being on holiday for you is having a glass of wine at night or a cocktail by the pool, it is wholeheartedly welcomed. All of the wellness programs are expertly curated, with a great emphasis on being realistic, not idealistic. It is the perfect place to cultivate sustainable wellbeing. 

Inu8 is now available to be purchased in the spa boutique and will complement any wellness stay. 

Amatara describes Welleisure™ as the pleasure of living well, with Joy being a fundamental pillar of wellness. The four pillars of Amatara Welleisure are:


Wellbeing - creating a holiday experience that supports health by putting back not taking away. 

Individualised - a unique programme for individual goals, wants and desires.  

Small steps - to make change easy and sustainable it can't be too big too fast. 

Enjoyable - to make any change stick the action and outcome need to be enJOYable! 
















In 2022 Amatara was awarded Best Wellness Spa and won the Destination Deluxe Award and Green Hotel Award.

In ancient Sanskrit, ‘amata’ means immortal, reflecting a timeless journey in one’s life, whereas ‘tara’, flowing water featuring its ability to flow, transform and sustain life, implies to the inner wisdom that connects Amatara to all life.

We invite you to find out more about Amatara Welleisure™ Resort and to explore their world class wellness treatments and activities


        Cas visiting beautiful Amatara.