A spritz of magic mist

Using nature's gifts in mindful ritual 

“Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored.” – Terry Tempest Williams

Infuse nature’s gift of botanicals into your daily rituals, not only to restore harmony, but to create moments of inspiration and joy. When you connect with nature you connect more deeply with your true nature and your inner creative being. 

Created in collaboration with Combardis Elixirs, we invite you to experience Free the Spirit botanical mist in mindful ritual - a blend of essential oils to uplift your mind, body and spirit and enhance your connection with your authentic, creative self.

Rituals are a way of acknowledging and celebrating the little things in life. They allow us to experience the everyday with deeper meaning and enjoyment. We will even go as far to say they help sprinkle magic over the mundane. Water is just water until you choose to drink it every morning, warm and infused with lemon giving thanks to how it nurtures your body with every sip. 

Rituals are incredibly powerful when we choose them on purpose. A habit may bring us a sense of fulfilment, yet a ritual allows us to connect more deeply.

Rituals help us to pause and take a breath, creating a moment of stillness and an opportunity to connect with our inner being. 

When rituals combine with pure botanicals, expect to feel more in flow, grounded in your experience and more discerning as to where you focus your awareness and attention.

Here are some of the ways we use botanicals in mindful ritual . . . 





Start the day mindfully 

Keep your Free The Spirit Mist on your bedside table. As you wake to a new day, take a couple of deep breaths, allowing space for intention and contemplation. Spray your mist liberally and as you inhale the beautiful aroma, set an intention for how you intend to move through your day. You may also repeat the affirmation "I am free to be me" [on the back of the bottle]. Intention empowers the energetics of essential oils and positively influences the subconscious mind. You can say the affirmation out loud, or silently, or if you would like to, create your own affirmation. 

A morning ritual is one that helps you to tap into the gentler, calmer version of yourself.

Be intentional with your movement

As you reach for your Inu8 collection, observe the habitual pattern of getting dressed for activity and use this moment as an opportunity to feel grounded in the moment. Thank your body for all it does for you and tune in to the feeling you wish to carry through your active day. Mist your personal space and anchor this feeling with scent.  

Likewise, at the end of a walk or a period of physical exertion mist your body with an intention of feeling uplifted and revitalised. 

Create moments for stillness and reflection

If you have a meditation practice, spray Free The Spirit mist in your meditation space or over your head and shoulders to set your intention for your practice. Allow the grounding and heart opening oils infusing this blend to help you to slow down enough to hear the wisdom of your inner being.

If you don’t have a meditation practice yet simply pause for a moment and mist your personal space, become aware of your body in your immediate surroundings and take a deep breath. Whenever you become aware of your breath and the present moment you have the opportunity to live in flow – this is where creativity flourishes!

The ritual of meditating and becoming mindful creates a sacred space for you to connect with your emotions, your challenges, your dreams and desires.

Keep a bottle of Free The Spirit mist at your desk, place of work, kitchen bench or car as a reminder to anchor your awareness in the present moment.

Weaving rituals into your day will help you to move through busy or uncertain times in a way that feels more graceful, supportive and inspiring. 

“The only way to really understand what brings meaning to your life is to get slow and quiet and still, and to listen. Rituals help you to find that stillness.”