Welleisure™ | creating a lifestyle that embraces wellbeing.


Inu8 was created to honour and support you on your life-long journey of wellbeing. More than activewear, Inu8 invites you to experience Welleisure™ - the art of creating a lifestyle that embraces wellbeing and inspires joy. 



Below are 8 things you can do today to embrace wellbeing (and inspire joy!):

1. Stop thinking about exercise as something to tick off your to-do list

Yes, you may wish to fit a workout into your busy schedule however be sure to incorporate activity into your everyday that you enjoy, that stretches you but doesn't flatten you, nourishes you and makes you smile. Be present to thank your body for all it does for you. You are unique and the type of activity you choose as part of your daily or weekly routine should also be unique to you. And remember, sometimes just getting the kids to school is a workout!

2. Be kind to yourself 

You are worthy of your full attention even if your brain tells you otherwise. You are not selfish when you show up for yourself, and prioritise your needs. When you are kind to yourself, this kindness ripples out to those closest to you and into the world. It's okay to feel emotion and before you can turn fury into action it's important to be with yourself. 

3. Meditate 

Meditation or simply practicing present moment awareness, allows you to savour each moment, making time feel as though it is passing slower. Presence is meditation in motion, and invites an opportunity to get in touch with the fundamental wonder of being alive. Practice bringing mindfulness into the activities of daily life not just when sitting or lying in stillness on your yoga mat. 

4. Step into your growth zone intentionally 

Intentionally leaving the comfort zone goes hand-in-hand with embracing a growth mindset. While the fixed mindset keeps us trapped by fear of failure, the growth mindset expands the possibilities. What is that you'd really love to take on this year - take the first step. Feel inspired to take healthy risks. 

5. Plan a retreat 

We all get into the groove of feeling busy and wonder how we can create space for a retreat however remember the primary benefit of a wellness retreat is the opportunity to disconnect from daily life and focus on you. Without the distractions of daily responsibilities, you have the chance to slow down, relax, and truly focus on your own well-being. This can help you to feel nurtured and restored, and ready to return home with a positive and optimistic outlook.

6. Connect with nature

Being in nature is an antidote for stress. It can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. What are you waiting for?! And while you are there - go barefoot if you can. Not only does walking barefoot restore your natural gait, you will benefit from grounding yourself with Earth's natural healing energy. 

7. Call a friend or better still meet in person

There is research that now confirms what we already knew; being around friends reduces the body's stress response, friends help us to make healthier choices - when our friends are healthy, we tend to be healthier too, friends make our brains sharper - being able to chat through a problem with a friend helps with mental agility, friends make us laugh, and friends can help us to live longer - people with stronger social connections tend to be healthier and live longer.

8. Simplify 

Living simply decreases your stress and helps you to focus and keep your attention on the things that are really important to you. This has to be one of the most fundamental foundations for happiness and allows your heart to lead you to what sparks joy for you! 



Think of your Inu8 collection as #allyouneed to support an active life that connects you with everything that is important to you and yet is so much more.

You'll have everything you need for your morning sunrise walk with a friend, your pilates and yoga session, your gym workout, your school pick-ups, your impromptu lunch invitation, and your upcoming wellness retreat. 



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