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Connection means a lot to us, and we believe that lots of little stories create big connection. The #Inu8women series is how we share little stories about women who inspire us through their active lives. Learning from and sharing wisdom with like-minded women helps us to feel stronger, to feel supported and to be free to follow our joy. We believe we are better together.  

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It is such a joy to introduce Heidi Dulieu. Heidi is passionate about inspiring women to live a happy and healthy life. She is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom, yet has an unquenchable thirst for learning, and for integrating those learnings into her own life.  

She is a Wellness Marketing Consultant and Strategist and Wellness and Lifestyle Blogger. She lives in beautiful Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with her young daughter. 

Can you use just a few words to describe how you live your life?

I do my best to live authentically and prioritise health and wellness. I choose to live my life in alignment with my heart's desires. It hasn't always been this way however all the experiences in my life to date have led me to follow this path. I believe living authentically with an open heart is the foundation of true health and wellness. 

What is the work you do in the world?

I work in a marketing consulting and strategic planning role with conscious wellness and lifestyle brands. My approach is heart led, inspiring purpose led brands to successfully market their brands with authenticity. Together with my co-founder we focus on a resonance marketing approach, activating brands by telling their stories in their personal voice and style. In this way brands use their authentic energy to attract the right clientele. In additional to our branding services, we offer experiential programmes and wellness retreats. 

I also love sharing my wellness journey on Instagram. I love sharing beautiful things and appreciate beauty in all its forms - it actually lights me up and I feel that sharing this energy attracts like-minded women to my wellness community where we can nurture and inspire one another. 

What does a typical day look like for you – are you able to walk us through it?

I am enjoying freedom in my life at the moment. Consulting allows me to curate my days to my own rhythm and energy levels. I wake naturally at 4.30am which allows me to start the day with a guided meditation. I have fallen in love with Dr Joe Dispenza's meditations and enjoy the hypnotic element of them. I wish I could start the morning with some form of movement but this is not quite the season for that.

My mornings are then spent helping my daughter get ready for school. I start my day in my activewear and straight after school drop off is my time to exercise. I enjoy a long walk or run along the Noosa River or in the National Park and a few days a week I return home after school drop off for an on-line pilates or yoga class or a combined strength class. I enjoy the variety and exercise easily 4-5 times per week. 

I am currently studying a course in functional nutrition so at least 2 days a week I dedicate time to this. Before an early school pickup, I dedicate time to my business and when I can, I will organise a catch up with friends.

Afternoons I like preparing for our evening meal. Nutrition is important to me, so I always cook from scratch using wholefoods and I try my best to make sure there are no additives or chemicals in the food I’m buying. This is super important to me. 

In the evening I enjoy reading and will often enjoy a hypnotic sleep meditation if I haven’t fallen asleep putting my daughter to sleep with her meditation. 

What is your favourite way to exercise/move your body? Do you do this regularly? What do you love about it?

I live in Noosa and love walking and jogging in the national park by the water. I also love the practice of yoga and pilates. Integrating more strength based workouts are becoming more important to me as I get older.

What is your favourite activewear piece/s? Is there something that you currently own that you cannot do without?

I love a good bike short with a high waist to pull the tummy in. They need to be slimming but not too short. I also LOVE Lightfeet socks! 

What have you learnt from the last 2 years that you did not expect?

I have reflected on how important it is to take care of physical, mental and spiritual health. This is a journey I have been on for longer than the past 2 years however taking care of myself, prioritising my healing journey and ensuring I’m following my wellness rituals on a daily basis has never been more important to me. 

In my 20's and 30's in the events industry I burned the candle at both ends at the expense of my health. I experienced burn out a number of times during my career until I realised that I didn't want to live life like that anymore. 

One of the systems that has helped me understand my body, my health and how I take care of myself is Human Design. In summary, it is understanding that we each have a personal blueprint for this life time. For me, it's been incredibly fascinating and feels like a big permission slip to live life on my terms, following my heart's desire. What I have learned is that when you live your life by your design, you experience more joy and more ease.

Without getting into too much of the detail as it’s a complex system, my energy type is a Projector, and the natural characteristics of a Projector are to work with my natural energy rhythms and to honour and create space for rest and rejuvenation. The great thing about Human Design is it’s another tool in which we can learn more about ourselves and when we get to know ourselves we can unpack the conditioning that we all have accumulated over a lifetime. It’s incredibly empowering and when I follow my ‘strategy’ and my ‘authority’ in my human design chart things just work out naturally. 

I feel that the last 2 years have helped me to live more fully from the heart. I would say I have learned to love more. And, by loving more I mean loving myself more and connecting with my true higher self – and that quite simply is the realisation that we are love, it is our true nature. 


We've learnt that taking time for rest and rejuvenation is important to you, what are the activities that nourish you the most? 

Being outside in nature and walking on the beach barefoot. I love hypnotic meditations that speak to my heart. I also like to plan for a monthly sauna, float and massage. I think consistency is key – I’m still learning this and it’s a big goal for this year to try to integrate healthy practices fully before trying to implement too many of them if that makes sense. Sometimes it can feel like we need to be doing all the things but really we need awareness and to keep things simple. 

I've learned how important it is to fuel my body with nutritious food. I now have an awareness of when I'm under fuelling my body and I trust my intuition (it’s my authority in Human Design) more than ever, rather than following the popular advice of others. In the past I have under fuelled and then found that I reached for sugar to compensate. I trust that I'm on a journey and I don't want to be a person in this health and wellness space that doesn't make mistakes or learn from their mistakes. 

What do you expect from a new activewear company doing things differently?

There are many activewear brands that are not manufacturing sustainability. I expect a new brand to be sustainable and not follow a fast fashion model. I would rather invest in quality and have a few pieces rather than many. I love the look and sound of your Cashmere wrap and can imagine how cosy it will feel wearing it to a women's circle or after a yoga class. 

Thinking about your favourite activewear piece/s - are there features that are critical to your needs? Please share what they are.

I would love a sports bra with padded inserts that can remain intact. I don't want them falling out in the wash. I like thinner straps that are still supportive. 

What does simplicity mean to you? Is it important to you?

I feel this concept goes quite deep for me. It's about stripping everything back to appreciate the beauty in what is left. When I was younger I wanted to experience everything and now I feel I just want to focus on what is important to me. I truly appreciate a beautiful piece of art or a beautiful set of linen sheets or sitting outside in the sunshine sipping on a cup of a cacao and listening to the sounds of nature. 

What does a feeling of being connected mean to you?

It means connection to self first and foremost. My intuition guides me and I’m learning to trust this more and more. Next is a connection to Nature and then connection to community. I feel like I am thriving when connection in all of its forms is present in my life. I feel that being connected to the earth is being connected to my spiritual self. 

In general, do you seek out new products that are created sustainably? Is this important to you when purchasing activewear?

To be honest it hasn't been top of mind in the past when it comes to choosing activewear brands even though I am naturally attracted to brands that are sustainable and have an eco-focus. 

Which influential women do you admire the most? And why?

I really love Gweneth Paltrow and in my mind no-one can say a bad thing about her. The fact that she gave up acting to build a brand that shares her passions is inspiring. She has built an empire with Goop. I love that she remains grounded and shares her personal growth journey ... and still goes to Italy to eat pasta!

What is exciting you at present?

The unknown .. and the fact that this would have been my greatest fear in the past. A lot has changed personally for me in the past 9-12 months and it honestly feels like anything is possible from here. I have opportunities to explore and I am guided to follow the breadcrumbs. 

Is there a phrase or a word that you live by?

There are so many! I think a sentiment that stands out for me the most right now is to love yourself wholeheartedly even when you feel unworthy. I trust that everything is working out for me and  I am the medicine. The truth is, the answers all lie within us. Can we drop the ego, tune in, pay attention to them and let them do their job? That is the quest for each of us I believe.

Is there a message you have for us?

You don't just wake up and become a butterfly, growth is a process. And, as I’m frequently reminded by my spiritual mentors ‘laugh, have fun, play and don’t take it all so seriously’.

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Connect with Heidi in her Consulting role at Evoke Wellness and in her Blogging role at Holistic Wellness. And on Instagram Evoke Wellness and Holistic Wellness.

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