New Year, Infinite Possibilities


2024 in Numerology is an 8-Universal Year. A number that we celebrate at Inu8! It's the energy vibration of infinite possibilities, prosperity, wisdom and personal power. 

Many new opportunities manifest under the energy of the Number 8 and rapid change is often imminent. There is a fast paced feel this new year and a great deal of excitement, possibility and opportunity. 

It is exciting when life is eventful and dynamic however it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed. The need to live from the inside out is more important than ever. When we live from the outside in, our energy is scattered and we are greatly affected by influences that are often out of our control. This is where we can easily give away our power. 

As you set your intentions for the new year prioritise the connection you have with yourself so you can more easily find your centre when things feel out of balance.






Check-in first thing every the morning with your emotional state. Find your centre early in the day and move forward from this state. Make a commitment to yourself to live from the inside out. 

We invite you to create non-negotiable daily practices that set you up to welcome new opportunities and experiences with excitement. 




You will know what works best for you - is it moving your body gently through a yoga or chi gong practice, is it breath work or meditation, is it a walk or swim in nature, a high energy class that gets your heart pumping, or taking the time to pursue a creative project. Find the practice or activity that brings you in to the present moment and 'make the morning yours'. 

Our power lies in the now, teaches Ekkhart Tolle. If we are living in the past or anxious about the future we give away our power. Experiencing the power of the now can help you connect with a deep resilience and makes it easier to find joy in the simplest of ways. 

Walking barefoot on the sand with pure presence at day break is one of the simplest yet most joyful experiences.  



Live from the inside out and welcome new opportunities this new year through the lens of love, joy and limitless possibilities.

We are here to support you on your wellness journey and to celebrate the art of living well.

Inu / "in-you" is all you need. 




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