Inu - a reminder that everything you need is within


The word Inu (pronounced in-you) pays homage to the wisdom and power that exists within and is a reminder to nurture meaningful connections, including one of the most important connections - the connection with self. 

Inu was created to support and honour women on their life-long journey of well-being and to embody the art of living well. We seek to celebrate joyous womanhood every step of the way. 

Connection is one of our core values and embodies all the connections that are meaningful to you; connection to self, to friends, family and community, to the earth, and to spirit. We believe connection grounds us in the present moment and invites us to live in rhythm with nature.  

The Inu logo embodies the essence of connection and is made up of organic elements that come together to represent collected experiences, knowledge and wisdom. It is not defined by any one element yet together it is whole.  


We are for women who are discerning, value togetherness, an active lifestyle and take a balanced approach to wellbeing. The quality and authenticity of our offering is something we intended to anchor into the earthy design of our logo. Simplicity is inherent in the design and is reflected in our collection of 8-pieces [Inu8] that work together to support the body and nurture the soul. The Number 8 symbolises a constant flow of energy, inner balance and wisdom.

The placement of the Inu logo on each of the pieces is intentional. Whilst in most cases the placement and size is subtle, the exceptions are the Inu8 signature Cashmere Wrap and Inu8 Tights.

The logo on the leg of the Inu8 Tights tells a story of inner wisdom. It is an invitation to express gratitude for all your body does for you on a daily basis and to celebrate your uniqueness. It is close to the ground, anchoring your body and soul to the earth. In it's physical form, the logo is crafted from the highest quality Polymark™ high-reflective eco-print. 

The Inu8 Cashmere Wrap, organic in nature, is the signature piece that brings balance to an active lifestyle and is warm and nurturing. The logo on the back is positioned in alignment with the heart space and is symbolic of nurturing the connection with the inner self. 



More than activewear, Inu invites you to experience welleisure™ - the art of living well.  

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