Awaken Wellness Gathering


We were thrilled to be a part of the Awaken Wellness Gathering at Peninsula Hot Springs. Immersed in a celebration of music, art, movement, and all things wellness, the event was a vibrant display of connection and community spirit. 

Performers, practitioners and event guests united in movement and stillness, each experience unique and personal, yet celebrated together. From energetic vinyasa flows and ecstatic dancing, to sound healings, 'hot talks' and traditional tea ceremony, it was a feast for the senses. 







We were honoured to be selected as a retailer, offering our Inu8 wellness wardrobe as a vessel to inspire and support movement, mindfulness and transformation. 

Whether it was flowing through a yoga session, practicing ancient remedies or soaking in the natural mineral pools, we embraced our inner zen and the joy of connection. 



Discover the only 8 pieces you need to support your wellness journey. 

With deep gratitude to the team at Peninsula Hot Springs and Awaken Wellness Gathering