The Lion Trackers Guide to Life


Inu8 Reads / The Lion Trackers Guide to Life

By Boyd Varty

A truly thought provoking and inspiring book that draws on Boyd Varty’s experiences growing up in the South African wilderness, where his family ran a wildlife reserve.

Drawing parallels between tracking lions and navigating life, Varty imparts profound wisdom through living with awareness and being present in the moment, recognising and honouring Nature. 

"Nature doesn't see status or wealth or social position. It cares only about presence, one's ability to read the signs, navigate the terrain, and translate the language of the wilderness. Nature is the great equalizer."

Just as lions thrive in prides, humans flourish in communities. Varty highlights the significance of relationships, empathy, and collaboration in achieving collective goals.

Each page is an invitation to reflect on one's inner landscape and to connect with the natural innate knowledge that exists within. "You must train yourself to see your track" says Varty, "And as paradoxical as it sounds, going down a path and not finding a track is part of finding the track . . the path of not here is part of the path of here."

We invite you read this little book as a treasure map if you find yourself in a transition period in your life.

We can often overcomplicate life rather than focus on profound simplicity . . “Track what makes you feel good and bring more of it into your life.” Follow your joy and listen to your heart. 

There is just one last passage from the book to leave you with "You can't think your way to a calling. You have to learn how your body speaks. You have to learn how you know what you know. You have to follow the inner tracks of our feelings, sensations and instincts, the integrity and truth that are deeper than ideas about what you should do."

"The Lion Tracker's Guide to Life" is not just a book about tracking wild animals; it’s a profound exploration of human potential, resilience, and the wisdom of nature. 

Boyd Varty offers "Track Your Wild Self" Retreats in the South African Wilderness. Is this your call to adventure?